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Coastside Real Estate

The San Mateo coast is home to both city dwellers and those preferring a more rural lifestyle, or as some say, with and without sidewalks. All coastal property has mountain views, and many homes also feature ocean views. Coastside real estate is available in a range of prices, from under $500,000 to over a million dollars. Prices vary with the size of the home, size of the lot, and proximity to the ocean or golf courses. Home prices increased rapidly with the boom in Silicon Valley tech industries, but are much more stable at this time. Highway 1 bisects most coastside communities, with the west side of the highway providing easiest access to the beaches and Coastal Trail. The Trail serves both equestrians on the unpaved side and pedestrians and bicycles on the paved side. It runs along the bluffs from Moss Beach through Half Moon Bay.

Half Moon Bay Real Estate

Half Moon Bay real estate offers those with more urban interests a variety of small communities with distinctive architectures, ranging from luxury golf course homes in a gated community, historic older cottages and victorian homes in the downtown area, newer areas with ranch style and multistory homes, oceanfront homes, townhome and condominium clusters within walking distance of downtown, two manufactured home parks, and newly built affordable housing for small families and singles. Half Moon Bay building lots are still available for those wanting to build their dream homes, some have water and sewer connections, others are on the waiting list for these amenities. In addition, also within city limits are homes on acreage and large lots, with popular equestrian trails. In short, something for everyone! Half Moon Bay is a small city, yet it provides endless opportunities for recreation and special interests. Music and the arts, dance and drama, language and literary pursuits, team and individual sports, and lifestyle enhancing opportunities, all available for all age groups. See Coastside Living for more details and registration information.

El Granada Real Estate

El Granada real estate is found both on flat land withing walking distance to the beach and Princeton Harbor, and on winding tree lined streets on the face of the Coastal Range facing the ocean. Largely middle class, homes in El Granada tend to be more moderate in size and in price. Multi story homes are common in the mountainous area, often called the El Granada Highlands, and are built to take advantage of spectacular views of the ocean and harbor. Lots are mostly average in size, and range from flat to steep. Building lots are also still available, some with water and sewer hookups already in place.

The southern part of El Granada is technically within the Half Moon Bay city limits, while the rest of El Granada is in the unincorporated area of San Mateo County. Some homes have mail delivery, and others are served by post office boxes in the local post office. Most El Granada streets have sidewalks and streets have long ago been paved. El Granada is like a small town, with quick and easy access to Half Moon Bay services and shopping. Streets in the level area have been designed as concentric half circles with intersecting spokes, some are named after Portuguese figures of note.

Moss Beach Real Estate

About six miles north of Half Moon Bay, Moss Beach real estate includes single family homes, ranches and horse property, with homes on both sides of Highway 1. Many Moss Beach homes for sale are located on hillside lots facing the ocean and feature varying degrees of ocean views.Many are multistory homes with traditional or more open floor plans. Others are cottages, once used as summer homes for bay area residents years ago when the only access to the coastside was the Ocean Shore Railroad. Moss Beach oceanfront homes feature spectacular white water views, with whale watching and beautiful sunsets as bonuses. Further back on the east side of the highway are homes on larger lots and acreage. Several boarding ranches may be found on Sunshine Valley Road, and equestrian trails abound all through the area.

Moss Beach residents have the option of mail delivery or post office boxes at the local post office. Moss Beach still has building lots available, both average size parcels and a few with small acreage. Some already have water and sewer connections, others are on waiting lists. Some homeowners have opted for wells and septic systems when their property sizes permit. Roads here are paved, with sidewalks on many streets.

Montara Real Estate

Seven miles north of Half Moon Bay, Montara real estate is an eclectic mix of older victorian style cottages to spacious modern homes with open floorplans. Many Montara homes for sale are on average sized lots, with some encompassing one or more acres. Like elsewhere on the coastside, all have mountain views, and some have ocean views as well. A few are oceanfront properties with spectacular white water views. Many homes are on level or near level lots, with a some on gently sloping hillsides. Further inland are larger horse properties as well as luxury homes commanding expansive views. Horseback riders may be seen throughout the area on pleasant days, and riders can choose between residential streets, trails through the trees, and longer, more challenging rides through the mountains, and even north over Montara Mountain to Pacifica. Most Montara streets are now paved, with sidewalks on some. Montara residents, however, have mostly resisted "citification" and opted for a more rural type of community. There is no mail delivery in Montara, and neighbors often meet each other for the first time while collecting their mail at the local post office.

Montara homes for sale may be priced from under $500,000 to well over one million dollars for luxury homes, oceanfront homes and horse property with acreage. An increasing number of Montara homes for sale are already equipped with home offices, wired for cable, satellite and DSL access. Proximity to Silicon Valley and the tech industries has been a popular draw with Montara home buyers, many of whom are now working at home.

Montara real estate for sale includes building lots, some with sewer and water connections and some on waiting lists. Many property owners have opted for wells and even septic systems where possible to avoid long delays in building their dream homes.

Coastside and Half Moon Bay Real Estate for Sale

Coastside real estate has been increasingly popular with workers in high tech industries in San Francisco and the Silicon Valley, as well as artists and those with home based businesses. Coastside property values have steadily increased, and home prices reflect this. Residential property here has been a consistently good investment and will likely remain so over the years. Many coastside home buyers are attracted by the low crime rates, reasonable commuting distance from San Francisco and Silicon Valley, clean air with smog almost unheard of, beautiful beaches and mountain scenery, recreational opportunities, open space and good schools. Others are seeking luxury living with world class golf courses, gourmet restaurants and first class amenities of the new Half Moon Bay Ritz Carlton Hotel. Whatever your style, you will probably find coastside living is right for you.

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